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Here are a couple of pieces submitted by the grandson of another of the Registan casualties:

Hello, my name is Tim Archer. My grandad, fireman William Archer is pictured on the photo of all the crew on board HMS Registan. He is far right, second up. I got confirmation of this from my uncle who was in Sunderland but now lives in Australia. November 2010.

My dad told me a story about how my grandad died. He said that the bomb did to into the funnel which killed many men including my grandad. I didn't really believe a perfect shot could be done or just good luck I suppose, but that part my dad told me. November 2010.

Hello, my name is Tim Archer. My Grandad William Archer served and died on the Registan. I never met my Grandad but my Dad used to tell me about him, how he died, where his memorial is in Liverpool. After my Dad died 14 years ago myself and my two sons, Jack and Karl, went to Liverpool to see my Grandad's memorial. The kids loved it. I just wish I took my Dad before he died. Rest in Peace Dad and Grandad. X. September 2008.
Here's a piece submitted by the grandson of one of the Registan casualties:

My grandfather Hugh Dougan was lost on the Registan. I have some photographs and documents. Thanks. Steve Dougan.
May 2009.
Here's a piece submitted by the son of one of the Registan casualties:

My father Jack Gregory died on the HMS Registan. I never met him, but I do miss him. RIP Jack. Your son Martin Ibbetson. September 2009.
Here's a piece submitted by the niece of one of the Registan casualties:

William James Sharp was on board on the fateful evening of the 27th of May. He had been married less than a year. Also on board was George Phillips, soon to be William's brother-in-law. Both William's wife and George's fiance never re-married or found other partners. The wedding presents that were to be opened on William's return home stay wrapped in the attic until the death of Hannah in 1982. William and George are on the left of the picture. I never met them and have only recently come into pictures of them both at George and Hannah's wedding in June 1940. Both were wearing uniform, the names on their headwear were HMS Walpole, both of them must have recently transferred. RIP from your niece Linda Booth. July 2010.
From Site Manager: Grateful if Linda Booth would indicate which men in the photo are actually William and George. Please submit details via this story-submission page again. Only the Site Manager will see the submission and can then add appropriate notes to this story/website. Thank you.
Here's a piece submitted by the great nephew of the wife of one of the Registan casualties:

My great Aunt Dora was married to Alexander Greenless Muir in 1937 in Kingston Upon Hull. He died aboard HMS Registan. She had photographs of him aboard the Registan but they disappeared after her death in 1989. I have come across a picture of the Registan on line. Arthur Dunn. November 2010.

A personal story from the Site Manager:

Lionel Molesworth "Mo" Laity was the NAAFI Canteen Manager aboard HMS Dorsetshire. He was born in the small tin-mining village of Treskillard, near Carn Brea in Cornwall as, too, were his younger brother Douglas Laity and sister Beatrice Margery Laity. At the time of his death on the 27th May 1941 he was just 20 years old and was sorely missed by his family back in the west country. To make matters worse, just under a year later his brother Douglas, a NAAFI Canteen Assistant, was also lost at sea when the ship he was serving on, HMS Dorsetshire, was similarly attacked from the air and destroyed. The Laity family back home never really got over the loss of these two fine young men and they were often spoken about in terms of what the future might have held for them if circumstances had been different. RIP from Roy - their Great Nephew. December 2001.