A.001 (When and where was she launched?) She was launched....... JFK 2 Feb 01
A.002 When she was bombed (27 May 1941), was she totally destroyed (sunk) or was she recovered? She was recovered........ NTL 6 Mar 01
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A.000 (My grans brother died on this boat 28/5/1941 assistant steward, age 32 how do i get more infomation? possibly a photo x)

From Site Manager:

Thank you for your enquiry. According to my records there were four Assistant Stewards who died on HMS Registan; however, only one was aged 32 at the time of his death and that was George Brocklebank. Are you able to provide me with more details of your gran's brother?

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HMS Registan                                             16 Mar 11
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