Board of Enquiry 2 - Extract
Board of Enquiry Number 2 - Brief Details
Two Royal Navy Boards of Enquiry were held after the enemy aircraft attack on HMS Registan. The first was held on the 2nd of June 1941 and the second on the 21st of June 1941.
The second Board of Enquiry was called as a result of a letter written by a member of the crew (who had been rescued) which stated in simple terms that at the time of abandoning ship there had been instances of cowardice and that certain uninjured crew members were getting themselves safely off the ship and into a lifeboat or onto floats before all the injured members of the crew had been attended to. The Board of Enquiry found no evidence to support his claim and put the content of his letter down to the fact that this crew member had been injured in the head and was still heavily dosed up with morphine.
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